ThetaHealing® is a Powerful Healing Tool !

ThetaHealing® created by Vianna Stibal, is a powerful healing technique that works to clear beliefs, vows and or family ties made consciously or unconsciously that are holding you back.

If you have you been trying to manifest desires in your work or love life for a long time and despite your best efforts your desires have not been realised fully? It’s likely that you have some underlying beliefs, vows and family ties that are holding apart from what you desire. Programming can be either self – created or passed down by family conventions, genetics, DNA, ancestors, past lives, society and/or religion. ThetaHealing® works on all levels of existence to clear them.

ThetaHealing® and The Butterfly Healing Method

I use the ThetaHealing® technique in my Butterfly Healing Method or on its own when its appropriate or requested. In my Butterfly Healing Sessions, I use ThetaHealing® to clear limiting beliefs, vows or family ties after using Reiki to heal the physical and energetic body. Its a powerful combination. Click here for more information about the Butterfly Healing Method or to book a session.

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How ThetaHealing® works?

ThetaHealing® is a technique for accessing your subconscious programming and releasing them. This technique can also be used to download beliefs and feelings that you desire to hold instead. During the session while the healing is taking place, you might feel or see colors, have visions, feel lighter, clearer and at peace. The level and intensity of whether and what you feel depends how sensitive you are to subtle healing energies. I will use a variety of muscle testing techniques to then test the validity of the beliefs uncovered and cleared. The power and effect of ThetaHealing® is the same whether you are receiving distance healing remotely or in person.

What to expect if you work with me

If you work with me either in my Butterfly Healing Session or in a ThetaHealing® only session, I will use a combination of questions and intuition to uncover the root belief, vow or ties. Then I would ask your permission to clear and replace it with beliefs or feelings you would like to experience instead.  Perhaps you desire to know that you are important or to feel the highest possible version of self love. We may also connect with you as a baby in the womb and/or inner child and heal old wounds or connect with your higher self if you want her guidance.

You’ll discover the programming that has blocked or limited you in your work or love life and clear them so you can finally open to the loving relationship that matches your desire or be able to break though the blocks in your business that have limited your growth, finances and or flexibility.

By the time our work together is done you will find it easier to believe and know that it is possible to have what you want and you will notice more opportunities opening up for you.

Session Options

The Butterfly Healing Technique is my unique approach to healing that uses Theta Healing and Reiki healing and more. To learn more about the Butterfly Healing Method or to see session options click below.

A ThetaHealing® Session Anywhere

This is the most popular option as you can receive healing from the comfort of your own home, its also the most cost effective option and suitable for those working or living outside of the UK. The session via Zoom video call.

Investment: £90 Time: 60 min

A ThetaHealing® Session in East Dulwich (SE22)

I hold the session in my home in East Dulwich. I have created a special sanctuary and safe place for healing, you will definitely feel nurtured in this space.

Investment: £100 Time: 60 mins

The ThetaHealing® Package

A package of sessions can be used to heal all areas of your life including increasing self- confidence, manifesting your the love of your life, increasing your financial abundance.
Six sessions for the price of 5 (Zoom video call only)

Investment : £450 Time: 60 mins x 6