Think of Reiki as the Gentle but Mighty Healer

Reiki heals the energetic and physical body by releasing blockages that affect the quality of your interactions with the external world.

If there is a mismatch between what you desire and what you are experiencing in your work and/or love life. The energy field is a prime starting place to heal as releasing imbalances on this level will enable alignment with what you desire such as confidence or opening to giving and receiving love.

Imbalances or blockages can be so subtle that it can go undetected, but the impacts are very real and can be crippling leaving you unable to speak your truth when it matters, anxious, unmotivated, lost or even in physical pain.

Reiki and the Butterfly Healing Method

I use Reiki in my uniqueButterfly Healing Method or on its own when its appropriate or requested. When I use Reiki in my Butterfly Healing Sessions, I start with Reiki to heal the physical and energetic body, and then use Theta Healing to clear limiting beliefs, vows or family ties. It’s a powerful combination. Click here to find out more about the Butterfly Healing Method.

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How Reiki works

Reiki is a gentle but deep, hands on or off healing technique that infuses your being, emotions, body and spirit with the unconditional love of source energy. The healing is focused on your energy centers also known as Chakra, see the Chakra map at the bottom of the page. It brings balance and harmony, igniting the body’s natural healing process.  During the treatment, you might feel tingling or waves of energy, flashes of light, sleepy or receive insights from beyond. You will definitely feel an inner state of peace and tranquility similar to meditation.

What to expect if you work with me

If you work with me either in my Butterfly Healing Session or in a Reiki only session, I would use Reiki to identify imbalances that are present in the energetic and physical body and Reiki will heal them. The power and effect of Reiki is the same whether you are receiving distance healing remotely or in person.

While the healing happens on a subtle level you will notice an altered inner state. Depending what we have worked on, you may feel energised, mental ease where you have been over thinking, love, renewal, and/or balance . Ultimately Reiki will enable you to access the personal and spiritual attributes that are more closely aligned to allow more of what you desire. It helps to reduce the mismatch between what you desire and what you experience, working with you to make you a vibrational match and magnet to the work opportunities or the love relationship you seek.


I had an AMAZING Reiki session from Miriam. Soon after I lay down, I was seeing colours and feeling different vibrations through my body.

After the session ended, I felt so blissed out and had a really great sleep.

I shared thoughts with Miriam that had arisen during the session and she gave me insight into what she was feeling and helped clear loads of old energies.

I slept well for weeks after. It’s probably time for another session…


Session Options

The Butterfly Healing Method is a combination of powerful healing tools tailored to suit women who want to make a break though in their work and love life. Then the Butterfly Healing Method can help you break through. To click here to discover more about the Butterfly Healing Method and or to book a session.

A Reiki Healing Session Anywhere

You can receive powerful healing from the comfort of your own home, its also the most cost effective option and suitable for those working or living outside of the UK. The session is via Zoom video call and distance healing.

Investment: £75 Time: 60 mins

A Reiki Healing Session in East Dulwich (SE22)

I hold the session in my home in East Dulwich. I have created a special sanctuary and safe place for healing, you will definitely feel nurtured in this space.

Investment: £85 Time: 60 mins

The Reiki Healing Package

A package of sessions can be used to heal multiple issues. Six sessions for the price of five (Zoom video call and distance healing only)

Investment : £375 Time: 60 mins x 6

Chakra Map