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Hi I am Miriam and I am so excited to be sharing these retreats with you. Each one of these retreats have been inspired by my own healing journey so they are literally an offering from my heart and life to yours.

These retreats will open up your life to what you really want, I feel with this new decade it is time for change, time for living the way you want to and not the way you feel you have to.

The retreats focus on the four areas of life that I struggled with the most, work and lifestyle, money, love life and body. Using the tools that I will share with you in these retreats I have revolutionsed all these areas. I believe my purpose is to show that it is possible to have the life you want, to feel empowered and just love life. It’s not a fairy tale it’s for real, dreams come true and I would love to work with you to show you how.

In this this ceremony of evolution you will Awaken, Arise, Evolve and experience the powerful healing of Reiki, Sound, ThetaHealing, Mediation, Visualisation, Law of Attraction and much more.

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Retreats and Booking

Love Life Expansion Saturday 8 February 2020, 12.30 – 17.30

This retreat is for anyone who wants to deeply believe that they can have the relationship they desire whether single or in a relationship. You will discover and clear beliefs holding you apart from what you want and know and believe that you can feel and receive unconditional love and be open to the bountiful gifts within this. “Unconditional love is the actual frequency of existence itself” Bashar

Investment: £90.00 or two installments of £45.00

What will be included in each retreat

Opening Ceremony

We will open the space by celebrating our arrival, honouring and thanking the light within us that led you here. You will experience, Reiki, Mediation and Pranayama Breathing exercises, Sound healing, and visualization to ground and help you connect energetically to the space and each other. It is my intention that you come as you are no more no less.

Healing Teachings

Meet or reconnect with the fruitful high vibration teachings of Theta Healing, Meditation, Law of Attraction and Kinesiology through uplifting and inviting visuals and learning tools for uncovering limiting beliefs. Evolutionaries that have attended multiple retreats will share experiences and be offered the chance to go deeper and learn new tools.

Discovery Session

Discover the beliefs that have been hidden from your conscious mind but are still active and holding you apart from what you want to manifest in the area of life that each retreat will focus on. Learn how to test whether they are still active and affecting you.

Evolution Ceremony

I will guide you into the Theta Meditation to connect to the high vibration of the delicious energy of source. I  will clear the beliefs you have discovered and intuitively guide you to  a deeper awareness of beliefs holding you back and clear them. All beliefs you want to clear will be cleared from all levels of existence, soul, genetic, past and present life. Next we will start the process of evolution, I will download new beliefs and feelings that you want to hold in readiness to be all that you truly are in 2020. We all have free will so only beliefs you affirm can and will be changed.

Visualisation and Law of Attraction Practices

Experience the feeling of abundance and learn how to maintain this state in your daily life. Learn how to powerfully and consciously manifest what you desire, how to create affirmations that actually work, find your excitement and how to use tools that will keep you living your life at a high vibration.

And much more.

Including movement, healing singing and sound healing.

21 Day Program

You will receive the unique and exclusive program that includes, meditations and Law of Attraction tools to manifest like you have never done before.

Closing Ceremony

Integrate what we have learnt and celebrate the rite of passage into 2020 with sound, visualisation and movement.

Free webinar

You will get exclusive access to a webinar 21 days after the last retreat where will share experiences and you will receive further healing and insights.

Snacks and Drinks

Delicious organic vegan snacks, water and hot drinks will be provided. Lunch will not be provided, please eat before you come and stay hydrated.


Each session will be held at CLARITY Therapy Centre, CLARITY Studio, 12 Molasses Row, Plantation Wharf, London, SW11 3UX

If you are ready to have the work life that is aligned with your passion, abundance flowing easily to you, a love life that is more of what you want, to be in love with your body and fill its potential then BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW .