I believe life is magical…and its totally possible for EVERYONE to create the life experiences of their dreams. I am the proof.

I was unhappy in my job, unsure of what I wanted to do and single. Sound familiar?  Like so many people I have encountered, I had just about read every self-help book, and had some successes; I graduated in law and criminology and worked in these fields, but I was not fulfilled and still hadn’t managed to make the changes I wanted.

I thought the only way to change my life was through hard graft and sacrifice, but after I was introduced to the law of attraction, I realised I could do it the easy way… through inspiration and enjoyment! Since then, my life has become magical. I ended up creating a Burlesque course that incorporated tantra, singing, dancing, acting and Law of Attraction. Participants moved from body shame to body confidence and reclaimed their power to live a magical life. It was an amazing experience!

Once I learnt that it was possible to create my experience, lots of magical things happened.

I had just completed a yoga course for anxiety and depression following the death of my father. Then one day, I had the thought, ‘I would love to be a yoga teacher’ and out of the clear blue sky a girl that I had met while travelling, contacted me and invited me to Vietnam to train as a Yoga Teacher. I thought ‘Why not?’

At that time, I was working full time in a job that was unfulfilling. Although I didn’t enjoy it, I was grateful for the money, as I was skint and worried about paying my rent. I couldn’t just up and leave!

But I used the techniques I had learnt, kept my mind on what I wanted, and bit by bit everything fell into place. Before I knew it, I was in Vietnam training to be a yoga teacher.

After the training I came back to my beautiful boyfriend, my job, a house and colleagues waiting for me to teach them yoga in my workplace. I mean wow, how did this happen? Well the easy answer is, I created it and you can too.

My spiritual journey

My life was amazing in so many ways, I had a lovely boyfriend, I was teaching yoga, but I was still working in a full-time job that was not my dream job, and I felt stuck and unfulfilled.

I have been on a spiritual path from 2005 which is when I started practicing Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism, and I believe that this is what opened my life to all the magical experiences and people that had supported me on my path. As I continued to practice and have faith in my ability to create the life of my dreams, I became sure there was more.

At first, I thought I needed to become a law of attraction life coach because I love doing law of attraction processes and I was always supporting friends to break through difficult situations. Then I went on a shamanic journey which confirmed there was more still, and I was led to energy healing.

I was recommended great Reiki Masters and I trained. Through Reiki I was able to wake up my psychic abilities. I used to see spirits when I was little and as an adult, I could feel spirits around me, but I was scared and shut down my senses.

Reiki helped me open them and I experienced beautiful experiences including meeting my spirit guide for the first time. Reiki awoke my psychic gifts and helped me heal my heart and open my senses.

How I healed and became a healer

With my senses awake, I was called to explore sound and like magic as soon as I had this desire I was introduced to an amazing sound healer. I used to sing and play the violin from 5-14 years, but as a result of traumas I had experienced I stopped. Now I got the chance to reconnect to that part of myself and learn how to use sound for healing. But there was more!

In India I went to get a Reiki healing and was asked in the session whether I wanted to try ThetaHealing®, I gave it a go and had profound experiences. I was guided in a dream to find a Theta Healer in London, following my intuition I signed up for some courses.

Then it happened, in a session with my teacher I discovered in minutes what was holding me back from living my dream life. Beliefs that I had picked up as a child that I was reliving, the belief that I am bad, and I do not deserve to be happy were among the many.

Part of my dream life was having a baby, but this path felt blocked, I discovered in this session that I had made a sub conscious vow never to have children. I cleared these beliefs and the vow and replaced them with ones that I desired. That night I felt like I could fly.

I found the more I was looking for, ThetaHealing® built on my psychic abilities and help me remove beliefs that had been holding me back easily and quickly.

Putting it all together

Now I am a healer and get great joy and fulfillment sharing what I have learnt with those who seek it. I have put all the things that have worked for me together in my unique approach to healing in what I call the Butterfly Healing Method.

The Butterfly Healing Method

The Butterfly Healing Method is mix of all the powerful tools that I have used to heal myself and break through limiting beliefs and vows. It is based on my own experience for women who want to make a break though in their work and love life. If you are struggling to find your passion, have been trying to start your own business but can’t seem to get it off the ground, know what you want to do and have your own business but not making enough money to go full time in what you love doing, feel unable to fully let someone in or have not had a boyfriend for a long time and doubt it will ever happen. Then the Butterfly Healing Method can help you break through. Click here to discover more about the Butterfly Healing Method and or to book a session.


BA Law and Criminology Joint Honours Degree at the University of East London

LLM (Masters) in Law and Political Justice at Birkbeck University of London

Yoga for Wellness 200 – Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Suzanne Vian, Vietnam

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga University with Kathy Ran SYT

Reiki Level One at Eleven Healing with Josie

Reiki Level Two at the Reiki Academy with Torsen

Sound Healing Practitioner with Cherub and Tim Wheater

ThetaHealing® Basic & Advanced Practitioner with ThetaHealing® practitioner and instructor Laura Mason